Is shopping more important than family?

Posted: 10-20-2012
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Many of you, this year, will awaken in the middle of the night, trek to your local shopping center and wait for the madness that is shopping on Black Friday to begin. There's a certain thrill in getting a great deal; a satisfaction at securing that coveted item. And with budgets as tight as ever, those screamin' deals are surely tempting.

But, throughout its existence, Black Friday has always been on, well, Friday. Thursday is Thanksgiving, and is a time of family togetherness and eating way too much. It is one of the rare occasions today's modern American family eats a meal together, and no one wants to change that.

Except several large retailers, which have decided to begin their deal-grabbing mayhem Thursday evening, or 12 a.m. Friday. Toys R Us will be open at 9 p.m. Thursday, with Wal-Mart opening just an hour later. Many more will be opening at midnight.

Do we want these deals badly enough to expect the employees of these companies to forgo Thanksgiving with their loved ones in order to serve us? Do we want them badly enough to skip out on our own celebrations in order to wait in line outside in the cold for that new whatever-it -is?

Has shopping overshadowed our family time for this one day? I hope not.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Take your time. Get excited for the deals, if that's your thing. But think about leaving it for Friday.

1. RobertVandell says:
10-20-2012 12:50 pm
It does seem that quality of family time has diminished over the years. Money and materialism has taken over too much of people's lives. So they are constantly busy pursuing those, but are lonely inside.
2. MaryCarter says:
10-21-2012 02:19 pm
Just go have fun with your whole family at the mall
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