Life built on good values looks more spectacular than a room full of jewels

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A happy person avoids extremes and grows as a whole person.
Just as a body has many parts and needs to all grow together in order to establish health, so does the life of a wholesome person. If you see a truly happy person you will see this.
Such a person does not over or under do anything, but gives all (most important to the least important) their due emphasis. Right values and correctly set priorities are vital for a happy life.

Starting with a firm foundation, a skillful carpenter assembles a house in right order - so does a happy person:  in knowing, doing, and being. And according to the law of priority, when more important matter is executed first, lesser things take care of themselves.

Definition of Priority
• Right value
• Right order of execution

Execution of Priority:      
• Value + Deadline

Happy Person's Values in Order
1. Mental & Emotional health. 
2. Physical health
3. Wisdom
4. Knowledge
5. Marriage
6. Family
7. Friends
8. Money
9. Social & political issues
10. Entertainment

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