A young lover needs dating advice

Posted: 04-28-2012
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My boyfriend & I have been together for over 2 years. now. He goes to college 3 hours away & I'm gonna finish my senior year in high school. Lately, I've been having some conflicting feelings while re-evaluating our times together. Over the years I questioned his motives and actions. He says to me that I'm his jewel, I'm his everything but he can't seem to make time for us. My friends' boyfriends text them all day, and catch up with them on the phone at nights - my man does not. I am torn on what to do. We have much in common and although many of the things he does to me doesn't make sense, when he hugs me and tell me sweet things all those negatives just become forgotten - that is, until it happens again the next time. What am I supposed to do?

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1. JasonFrank says:
04-29-2012 10:03 pm
He doesn't seem like someone who will make you happy. He hasn't so far it seems, and things will likely not change if he has been like this this long. But what about you? Are there things you need to change to improve the quality of your life over all? It takes two to tango. It seems best that you leave him. Or, another alternative is to walk away from him for 6months and give the time test:
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