Why are kids so weak and spoiled!?

Posted: 03-18-2012
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It's actually kinda annoying how spoiled and weak kids are these days. When I was in middle school in like 1998 we weren't little babies. We weren't spoiled at all and we bought everything with are own money and did good at school. Are parents were pretty wealthy but we weren't spoiled. Now kids overreact to everything like if a kid gets pushed they start crying and tell a principal. When I was a kid if a kid wants to fight we fight and if a bone was broken they just say they fell. We were tough and worked hard. Now kids are so spoiled and soft. There parents give them everything in the world. Then kids cry and commit suicide because of bullying. I have 1 thing to say if u are getting bullied man up be a little tough. I got bullied when I was a kid I got into fights with them I didn't start crying and go tell the principal. The kids think there life is horrible if they don't get the new game that comes out. Parents stop turning your kids into softies. Why does a 7 year old need an iPhone or anything. When I was young walked to and from school and bought everything with hard Earned money. I went to my old school last week and a grade 7 got pushed and started crying and told the principal. I heard on the news that a kid in middle school punched a kid in the face and broke his nose and the police were called. People have to stop overreacting!

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1. OneFameCoach says:
03-18-2012 09:24 pm
This is a good question. Here are a handful that comes to mind right now.

1. Values in our culture are off. Character should be the first emphasis in building. Yet that is little emphasized.

2. People have gone to an extreme in fear against abusing children. So they are not taught to discipline them. But rather talk to them only. There needs to be love but also proper physical discipline as well, because that is how children understand. "Spoil the rod, spoil the child." As a children grow that will be less effective so more psychological discipline would be needed: i.e. taking away privileges. Minor on discipline but major on love.

3. This generation is taught to blame, rather than take ownership. We see this by number of lawyers and lawsuits that exist in proportion to number of engineers for example.

4. People are taught to take easy roads. So instead of working hard to build character, people are quickly directed to take pills by professionals and insurance companies for monetary gain rather than really working to help people in the long term.

5. Few men are role models to the younger generation. Definition of men are blurred a midst current social stigma.

6. People do not have conviction on what are ethically right or wrong. They do what are pleasing to them, or just follow the crowd. They rant without really knowing what facts are, or just naively en gulp whatever media throws at them.
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