Those with more degrees tend to make more money and are happier

Posted: 10-19-2011
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People with higher education and diplomas tends to make more money, but are they happier? Is their life better off than those who have less? I read that one will advance in the workforce according to the number of vocabularies one knows. Why would that be? If I just read more and memorize more words will I be successful in life?

1. mrszubi11 says:
11-26-2011 12:12 am
It is a fact that people with higher education have better chance of getting hired with all others being equal. And they generally make more money and get raises than those who don't. It is not a guarantee, it just raises the probability. Since money is one of important means which effect our lives(again, all others being equal) higher education (if it is for you) should help toward living better.
2. WhitneyDallas says:
11-26-2011 01:35 pm
Unless we communicate we can't get along and can't work together. That is why having more vocabularies help you work where positions require more brain power and pay more. Of course there are other venues such as Pro wrestling and Ultimate fighting that wouldn't require much education yet pay well. But chances of make a good living are lower.
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